­Тест по английскому языку

­Проверьте свои знания по английскому языку

Если Вы уже считаете иностранный язык почти родным, мы предлагаем Вам проверить свои знания с помощью этого онлайн-теста. Экспресс тест поможет быстро определить Ваш уровень знания. Вопросы теста основаны на реальных ситуациях и направлены на проверку знаний по грамматике.

2. No, I ___________
3. __________the students.
4. ____old are you?
5. I haven’t got _________cigarettes.
6. I am listening ____ my teacher.
7. I _____television now.
8. _________ you want a drink?
9. They _______to this school every day.
10. She dresses very_________.
11. John is the _____in the class.
12. You _____ see him tonight.
13. I ________do my homework.
14. You must pay ________you begin.
15. My teacher is the______.
16. The windows ________by the boy.
17. I asked him if he _______ a good day.
18. ___ he has finished his work he can go home.
19. He ______us that he had been to Paris.
20. He asked her whether ______ London.
21. Do you know if the train _____?
22. The garage _______.
23. He has had to _________.
24. The station is too far away ______to.
25. I’d like _______English.
26. If you ______the box, you will find a present.
27. If you were to drop it, it ________.
28. Didn’t you ______play tennis?
29. My father enjoyed _____ the dinner.
30. I was walking along the road when the car _______.
31. Tomorrow you ______ leaving England.
32. By five o’clock he ______ Manchester.
33. These machines ________.
34. If all goes well, I ______ home before six o’clock.
35. If it had been sunny, I ______gone out.
36. Do you know what ______to do?
37. Don’t forget ______me a newspaper, John.
38. Whenever there was a visitor, the dog ___ to the door.
39. He is an engineer in _____.
40. Although my sister ____ in the team, we still lost.
41. I was very ____ in the story.
42. He advised me _______ the doctor.
43. I ________ travelling by tube.
44. He didn’t come home last night. I wish that he ___ .
45. I am going to a wedding. I need to_____.
46. Which would you ____have, gold or silver?
47. My brother has been in hospital. I wonder how he ___.
48. The man said he didn’t ______to walk.
49. Although he confessed to the crime, the judge let the boy__.
50. The student could not answer the question, so she___.

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